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London, UK, March 11th, 2014 – If you thought a progressive jackpot paying out means that you'll be on the losing end, think again! Players have been cashing in on The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casino's progressive jackpots one after the other!

"Congratulations to our most recent winners!" This cheer went up around the room at the The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casino's monthly press conference. There seems to be enough reason to celebrate… With their 13th Birthday fast approaching, The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casino's
has had a string of big winners – and it's not even April yet.

Apart from congratulations, Sonia Bradshaw, spokesperson for the group, also had an important message for Players:

"There's a common perception that if a progressive jackpot has paid out, the 'ship has sailed' – at least for a while. This is not the case, and many Players pass up the opportunity to great winnings because of something that's akin to an urban myth."

The bottom line is that Progressive Jackpots are geared to pay – and PAY BIG. Player's should be encouraged when a Player hits the big jackpot, because that means that anyone can win.

"To prove a point, we've had FOUR Progressive Jackpot winners in the past three weeks," announced Bradshaw.

Casino GrandBay:           Nancy Y: $56,288.73 on Legends of Avalon (10 March 2014)
Jupiter Club:                  Charles W: $48,554.89 on Dream Wheel (08 March 2014)
Bella Vegas:                  Ron H: $67,211.95 on Molten Moolah (01 March 2014)
Lake Palace:                 Charlene R: $10 000 on Aladdin’s Loot (24 February 2014)
Bella Vegas:                  Linda L: $48,424.18 on Dream Wheel Video Slot (19 February 2014)

“Nancy Y won the jackpot from her regular Monday offer on the code MONDAYS. She made a deposit of $125 and met the playthrough requirements. On a total bet of $3.00 she won the progressive jackpot. Our sincere congratulations to her.”

Customer Liaison Officer, Adrienne, added the following: “Had Nancy Y been playing at max bet, she would have made a fortune.”  Adrienne has been pushing for Players to realize the benefits of playing max lines and max bet. “I love it when our Players win, and just want them to realize that the best bet is a max bet – especially when it comes to progressives.”

With their 13th Birthday coming up, celebrations already in full swing and a string of recent winners, it’s clear that there’s never been a better time to be with The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casino's.

Congratulations all round – and keep on winning!

Jaydee Cooper