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Casino Downtime

The team at Grand Privé Casinos would like to once again apologize for the casino downtime experienced on Sunday and Monday. We realize that as a result of being unable to play your favorite games and take up your weekend offers we have inconvenienced you.

To ensure that our valued players keep enjoying a first-class gaming experience at our casinos we have been working closely with our software provider, BetOnSoft, to understand the issues that led to the downtime and forge solutions for going forward.

We’ve included a brief message from BetOnSoft to provide you with all the facts.

A response from BetOnSoft:

We're sorry.

Please accept our sincere apologies for interrupting your gaming experience this past Sunday and Monday.
There are no excuses.

We are genuinely sorry for the interruption, and would like to give you some insight into what happened,
and answer some of the questions you may have.

What happened ?

Last week, we launched the first of many new and cutting-edge gaming features to all BetOnSoft
casinos : Game Medals.

Several BetOnSoft casinos ran great launch offers promoting these new Game Medals features, and frankly we did
not predict the unprecedented response and excitement around the Game Medals launch. The sheer volume of
players that responded to these offers FAR exceeded all our expectations, and our core systems were unable to
scale quickly enough to meet demand. It then took far longer than we would have liked to provision the additional
system resources, resulting in lengthy downtime.

We were simply not ready, and then not able to act fast enough.

What did we do about it ?

We have now provisioned the additional system resources required to more than meet the volumes experienced over the weekend. Capacity has been increased to ensure that all systems can provide all players with the quality gaming experience we have always endeavored to provide. We are confident that these changes will prevent such issues from occurring again under similar circumstances and much higher volumes of play.

What are we doing to ensure this will not happen again ?

We have already started working with our vendor partners on several major infrastructure upgrades to significantly increase our capacity over the next few weeks. Our systems currently deal with hundreds of millions of transactions
and multi-terabytes of data, and with the cutting-edge upgrades we are working on now, we expect to increase
capacity more than TEN-FOLD within 6-8 weeks.

Thank You

Our sincere thanks for your response to Game Medals, and the entire BetOnSoft product. It is truly gratifying to see players enjoy and appreciate what we work so hard on.
If you liked what you have seen so far, then we have a range of features shipping soon that will absolutely blow your socks off! And this time, we'll be ready to receive you.

From the team at BetOnSoft

We are taking all steps necessary to make it up to you, including special offers for this weekend for you to enjoy, as
well as new game releases. In the meantime, remember to enjoy today’s offer of a 100% Match Bonus Offer.

The Grand Privé Group of casinos was established in 2001 and is a recognized pioneer in the online gambling industry. The group embraces a philosophy based on providing excellent customer service, innovative gaming and a secure environment. Grand Privé Casinos encompass five online casinos – each with a unique personality and loyal player base. These include its flagship – Casino GrandBay, as well as Bella Vegas, Jupiter Club, RoadHouse Reels and Lake Palace.

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