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Grand Privé launches first prequel Video Slot

The Grand Privé Group of casinos has announced the launch of Alpha Squad Origins: Captain Shockwave Video Slot.

The new game is the precursor to the group’s most popular title to date – Alpha Squad – and details the life of the super hero leader, Captain Shockwave. The video slot features clear, high resolution graphics and excellent animation. It offers players the opportunity to win up to 30,000 coins (with the highest coin denomination set at 50 cents) and 20 free spins.

“Every great story has a great beginning,” says Brandon Faber, GrandPrivé spokesperson.

“This exciting new video slot builds the foundation on which the legend of Alpha Squad was built on. The premise is that even super heroes were once children and every great team has an origin. Captain Shockwave began life as Raymond Reilly in a small farming community. Of course like all super heroes he was never average.

“As a boy Raymond Reilly discovered that he could manipulate sonic waves, which resulted in a pretty interesting childhood. But it was just preparation for what happened after a horrific accident changed his life when he was 22. Determined to get justice, Raymond became Captain Shockwave and began his quest to stop the sinister organization, the Omega Syndicate, that changed his life.

“The release of a prequel is unique to the industry and adds to our philosophy of putting the player experience first. We’re building up a narrative, engaging the players on a different level and really getting our audience to become invested and thus be more entertained,” notes Faber.

This latest slot brings the tally of games launched in the last few months to over 30 new releases with a host of unique games planned for 2011.

Visit YouTube for a preview of Alpha Squad Origins: Captain Shockwave Video Slot.

The Grand Privé Group of casinos was established in 2001 and is a recognized pioneer in the online gambling industry. The group embraces a philosophy based on providing excellent customer service, innovative gaming and a secure environment. Grand Privé Casinos encompass five online casinos – each with a unique personality and loyal player base. These include its flagship – Casino GrandBay, as well as Bella Vegas, Jupiter Club, RoadHouse Reels and Lake Palace.

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