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World Series Of Slots 2014 - Round 2

London, UK, August 21st, 2014 – The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos announced the Winners of Round 2 of the 1st ever WORLD SERIES OF SLOTS CHAMPIONSHIP with $100 000 up for grabs.

"The WORLD SERIES OF SLOTS Championship is getting very hot.” Not mincing her words, Sonia Bradshaw, spokesperson for the Group, said she felt extremely proud to announce the winners of ROUND 2.

“The Players are absolutely fantastic, and we want to sincerely congratulate all those that qualified to take part in the second round, say VERY well done to the TOP 25, and of course make special mention of the TOP 5 winners.”

“At this stage is still very much any body’s game, as there have been no clear leaders or dominant Players that indicates who might be crowned as Champion. There are favourite regulars that are doing very well, but we’ve also seen some new names on the board, as well as surprising surges to top positions from Players that seemingly came out of nowhere. The only thing we can be sure of at this stage is that this is going to be one of the tightest and fiercest Leaderboard competitions we’ve ever done. Personally I can’t wait to see who’s going to be crowned. The suspense is great – but I’m sooo looking forward to the final results, paying the winner their well deserved money and then sending them their personalised trophy...!”


DAZS: Zipping up from 3rd position in the 1st Round, DAZS took an early lead during Round 2 and tenaciously kept his lead with massive game play. WELL DONE, DAZS! Like we warned after Round 1, DAZS is always a dangerous competitor and we've come to know him as having some "bull terrier traits" :-) When he bites into something, his jaws lock and boy can he hold on.

We were able to reach him for a comment on his win: "I'm going to be the Slots Champion of 2014, no doubt about that. I don't think there's anyone out there that can beat me. I want this."

DFRESH: What a strategic climb up the Leaderboard from 12th position to 2nd place, DFRESH!! Wow that was impressive! Well done to you! We watched you with great interest, and I'll confess, some of us took bets that you were going to overtake DAZS! Congratulations on a brilliant score and just keep going – YOU CAN DO IT!

EARTHWALK: Congratulations on taking 3rd place EARTHWALK! As the TOP Woman Contender, I think our readers will appreciate to know that EARTHWALK is leading an impressive number of WOMEN Players in this Leaderboard Competition... BUT – I have to say, the way we've come to know EARTHWALK, she's got more than just girl power on her side. By the way, EARTHWALK, on our office prediction chart, Adrienne has tipped you as becoming the Slots Champion for 2014. You're great, and we're all holding thumbs for you! (You acquired quite a fan club over here :-) )

DEE2010: You displayed what we regard as one of the most spectacular climbs in any of our Leaderboard Competitions, DEE2010! Congratulations, welcome to the TOP 5 and WOW that was magnificent! You've certainly turned up the heat in this competition.

When we asked DAZS what he thought of your meteoric rise, all he said was: "I'll admit that was a bit of a shocker. Where did she come from?" We love it!!

SMOKEMONSTER: It's sooooo GOOD to have you in the TOP 5, SMOKEMONSTER!!! Excellent play to improve from 7th place to 5th position! Congrats. You're now perfectly positioned to rise to the top – the way smoke inevitably does :-). We can't wait to see what your next move'll be.


1. DAZS $4000 ($2000 Cash + $2000 Bonus Money 16. SUZYMAC 20 FREE SPINS
2. DFRESH $2600 ($1300 Cash + $1300 Bonus Money) 17. PROFH 20 FREE SPINS
3. EARTHWALK $2200 ($1100 Cash + $1100 Bonus Money) 18. MRMONK 20 FREE SPINS
4. DEE2010 $1200 ($600 Cash + $600 Bonus Money) 19. TBERG 20 FREE SPINS
5. SMOKEMONSTER $800 ($400 Cash + $400 Bonus Money) 20. JO777 10 FREE SPINS
6. GIZMO71 $1000 Bonus Money 21. COLEY527 10 FREE SPINS
7. BOOTLEGGERS $900 Bonus Money 22. PISTO 10 FREE SPINS
9. PANCHA2010 $500 Bonus Money 24. LAMBRIGHT 10 FREE SPINS
10. DUSTY1202 $400 Bonus Money 25. BOBBOSHAMROCK 10 FREE SPINS
11. VLD 30 FREE SPINS    

Good luck to all contenders that qualified for Round 3! It's getting close... Time to pull out all the stops if you want to be crowned SLOTS CHAMPION 2014.

Jaydee Cooper