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London, UK, June 20, 2013 – Father’s Day was celebrated in a very special way at The Grand Privé Group of Online Casinos.

"We did not want to merely celebrate Father's Day this year, we wanted to make an event out of it," commented Sonia Bradshaw on the
large scale promotion the GP Group launched during June.

"It's not only flesh and blood that makes a father, but heart, dedication and taking a keen interest. We know that many women necessarily
have to sometimes fill those shoes and this was a celebration and very much a token of recognition to all those who comply with the role of
a father, in whatever capacity."

The Leaderboard Competition was aptly named FAST & FURIOUS because it consisted of one round only and had stunning prizes on offer.
"Another special feature of the competition was that the Top 50 players all got free spins – something that rarely happens (if at all)."

With $20 500 up for grabs and 750 Free Spins on a platter, the registrations tumbled in and the competition was fierce.

Congratulations to the following TOP 10 Winners:

1. Dazs: $5000 Cash 6. nino2010: $1500 bonus money
2. earthwalk: $3750 bonus money 7. profh: $1000 bonus money
3. Aquitania: $3000 bonus money 8. TBerg: $ 800 bonus money
4. Maurice: $2750 bonus money 9. soapyguy: $ 500 bonus money
5. Ronaldus298: $2000 bonus money 10. rkd: $ 250 bonus money

"Further congratulations to the Top 50 who all got 15 Free Spins! We hope you had a lot of fun!"

The Grand Privé Group of Online Casinos has another splendid trick up their sleeve, but "players will have to keep an eye on their emails
if they want to know what it is," was the only comment we got from Bradshaw.

This Casino Group has proven over and over again that they are never short on innovative ideas and spectacular surprises for their players.

Jaydee Cooper