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Robin Hood Outlaw – New Game Release causes a rustle in the forest!

London, UK, December 17th, 2015 - The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos proudly announced the 2nd video slot release in the space on a month!

“With the release of two fantastic new video slots in such a short period of time, it has certainly been a proper introduction to the Festive Season at The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos,” announced Sonia Bradshaw, spokesperson for the group. Realms, which was released on 27 November 2015 is a fast paced, gloriously exciting and continuously rewarding slot, and hot on its heels follows Robin Hood Outlaw with even more features and new surprises that will rock the playing experience.


This is Robin Hood with a twist, as the player is given a first person perspective and is instantly immersed in the game environment as Robin Hood himself. The legendary folk hero will do history justice as you take on many challenges and walk out the other side with a stack of coins that elevates you the next level of excitement and FUN.


The game is presented in a cartoon style and features may of the characters at the heart of Hood’s most known stories. These vibrant characters are brought to life with and glittering riches, the player is transported back to the medieval scenes of Robin Hood’s time.

Feature Games:

Players start off with an empty coin stack, and then collect more each time they hit a Laden Cart combo. There is however, a snake in the grass... Beware the Sheriff, as he is also a scatter & he loses you coins in the stack... However, good triumphs over evil and you’ll be astounded at how quickly you pile up those coins. Once you’ve collected enough, you’ll get catapulted into the multi level Raid the Castle feature game. Here you (Hood) starts your raid in the tax collection tent and must successfully steal your way through rich environments and multiple levels to reach the Throne Room where the pickings are the richest of all.

New Mood Feature:

This is the first of our games to feature mood enhancing winning/losing streak audio and visuals. When players are on a winning streak both the audio and the forest environment become rich and bountiful but when the Sheriff is on the prowl, the woods turn dark and ominous, signalling danger and giving you fair warning to play, play, play to get out of there!

With a massive 160,000 coins to be won on a single spins, this slot is bound to become a top favourite amongst Players. Add the fact that Robin Hood needs no introduction, the cool 1st person twist as well as many different types of scatters and wilds that add action and excitement to every single spin, and you know you’re playing a winning slot.

Jaydee Cooper