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Gaming into an electrifying future with GrandPrive Casinos

Aficionados have been hailing Casinos’ switch to BetOnSoft Online software as one of this year’s most exciting online gaming developments.

Dissatisfied with the limits of its previous platform and deeply conscious of its reputation for exceptional customer service (entrenched over nine years of customer gaming enjoyment and satisfaction), Casinos launched an in-depth scrutiny of
available software.

“Our players are not ‘static’,” Brandon Faber, GrandPrive spokesman points out. “They constantly reach out for new challenges and experiences and we were not prepared to stagnate, regurgitating the same games under different guises.

We chose to change software by selecting the exciting and dynamic BetOnSoft option because of its remarkable potential. If you look at it in terms of the video market, it is betting on DVD rather than VHS. Look where that has taken us today – the current technology is a direct result of making that critical choice. It’s a bold step, but we are confident that we are investing in a future that is going to be enormously beneficial to our players. Just because something has worked for the last nine years does not mean that it is the superior option with the best lifespan and development potential.”

He admits that players were taken a bit by surprise by the unexpected recent switch, but 80% of those who took the plunge have shown great enthusiasm for the change. “About 10% wanted to know what had happened to their favourite game,” he adds, “But once directed to a new or similar one, expressed complete satisfaction. And this is just the beginning.

“Our games are all unique and unlike in the past, we can now release new games whenever we want, to whomever we want, probably four to six a month, whereas previously we were restricted from doing this.” According to Faber players love the high standard of the games, with their immaculate graphics  and 3D capability.

An added advantage of the new software is that players will be able to enjoy games that are totally unique. “No more ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach,” Faber stressed. “The security of the software is impeccable, navigation easy and we will be leading the way with loyalty programmes and faster cash-ins.” Software is sophisticated, permitting quick downloads, and it will soon be available on Mac as well, a big plus for many players.

The new system releases far better bonus offers with Free Money and Free Spins which were very limited on the previous system. “Players are also thrilled with the fantastic Progressive Jackpots.”  An undoubted improvement on the former platform is the BetOnSoft banking, which is considerably more secure and reliable, with excellent processing which is supported by nine years of industry knowledge. Players have been able to have one account across all GrandPrive Casinos and can move money seamlessly and effortlessly across, but now the process is much faster, simpler and more secure.

Faber says that there will be significantly improved opportunities for a far greater number of players (who had been excluded before) to now participate. “We are able to market to new players wherever they may be.”

His concluding statement was a challenge to the doubters: “Try it. There is no more persuasive factor than personal experience. And once you have tried it, you will never want to go back to the old ways”.

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