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London, UK, September 16, 2013 – It seems that Players are on a massive winning streak at The Grand Privé Group of Online Casinos. The Group announced yet ANOTHER BIG Progressive Jackpot Winner.

"Our Dream Wheel Video slot paid out a massive Progressive Jackpot last night," confirmed Sonia Bradshaw from her office upon enquiry. "Susan B is a Queen Player and opened her account on the 2nd of December, 2011."

Susan played at Casino Grand Bay, the flagship casino of The Grand Prive Group of Online Casinos, and won $12,016.83.

"We will publish her reaction as soon as we've done a proper interview," confirmed Bradshaw, the official spokesperson for the group.

The The Grand Privé Group of Online Casinos has had four (yes, you read it correctly), FOUR huge progressive winners in as many weeks, proving that this is a winning destination of choice.

"All the Casinos in our group are extremely proud that we are currently the leading winning Casino in the online gaming industry," said Bradshaw. "Whether you play at Jupiter Club, Lake Palace, Casino Grand Bay, Bella Vegas or Roadhouse Reels, you are always, I repeat: ALWAYS in with a winning chance.

Casino Grand Bay's gaming cruise ship is currently docked in Cannes. When asked for comment on this big win, Cruise Director Coco confirmed that they had a huge celebration in honor of Susan B. "We are so excited for her, and the whole CGB crew is absolutely over the moon. We LOVE the fact that this huge amount was won at Casino Grand Bay. I hope Players realise how rare it is for jackpots to be paid out this regularly and that it can only happen at The Grand Privé Group of Online Casinos."

When we contacted Bradshaw, they were in the process of calling a press conference to announce the win. "I'm impressed that you called before we sent out the official announcement," Bradshaw commented. "Word of mouth obviously spread the word before we could..."

Known for their generous Progressive Jackpots, The Grand Prive Group of Online Casinos are proving that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. From our side we would advise players to flock to one or all of the 5 Casinos that form part of this group. They're celebrating their 12th year in the industry and this is obviously where winners are made.

Jaydee Cooper