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World Series Of Slots 2014

London, UK, August 13th, 2014 – The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos announced the Winners of Round 1 of the 1st ever WORLD SERIES OF SLOTS CHAMPIONSHIP with $100 000 up for grabs.

"We are very excited to share the impressive results of the FIRST ROUND of the WORLD SERIES OF SLOTS 2014,” announced Sonia Bradshaw, spokesperson for the Group at a special Press Conference.

“Well done to the TOP 5 that ensured that this was a nail biting and closely contested 1st Round. Our sincere congratulations also goes to all the Players that are advancing to the 2nd Round. The heat is on to find the SLOTS CHAMPION of 2014!”


MORON: In the TOP POSITION is a Player that recently won the Progressive Jackpot as well, nicknamed MORON :) Obviously his pseudonym doesn't hint at his skill and tenacity as he simply flew to the top right from the word go – and stayed there!!!! Well done, MORON! We are on tender hooks to see if you're going to win the remaining 3 rounds plus the final!

EARTHWALK: We are also extremely excited about the 2nd position... As you know by now EARTHWALK is a SERIOUS contender in any Leaderboard Competition, as she proved during the previous competition where she dominated in spectacular fashion. EARTHWALK, you know that we're behind you all the way! You're one of our beloved Players and we can't wait to see your strategy for the rest of the Competition. (It would be amazing to crown you as Queen of Slots!)

DAZS: Third position goes to DAZS. Congratulations, Dazs, you're always a dangerous competitor and we hope to see some spectacular action from you during WSS!

RONALDUS298: Nicely Played, RONALDUS298! Taking 4th position is brilliant and knowing you, you're just warming up... Other Players BEWARE! RONALDUS298 has the sneaky habit of creeping up on you and overtaking the competition! Go RONALDUS298!

BUTTERFINGERS: Hello again, BUTTERFINGERS! We know that you recently became a Dad, so congratulations twice! We wish you the best during WORLD SERIES OF SLOTS. You've done it before – you can do it again! Oh, and PS: Enjoy those sleepless nights with WSS to keep you occupied! ;)


1. Moron $2 000 ($1000 Cash + $1000 Bonus Money 16. Lester 20 FREE SPINS
2. earthwalk $1600 ($800 Cash + $800 Bonus Money) 17. Justlilme 20 FREE SPINS
3. Dazs $1200 ($600 Cash + $600 Bonus Money) 18. djsfan88 20 FREE SPINS
4. Ronaldus298 $600 ($300 Cash + $300 Bonus Money) 19. rusty2995 20 FREE SPINS
5. Butterfingers $200 ($100 Cash + $100 Bonus Money) 20. tonypep 10 FREE SPINS
6. profh $900 Bonus Money 21. Rositabug 10 FREE SPINS
7. smokemonster $800 Bonus Money 22. TracingQueen 10 FREE SPINS
8. katoon $600 Bonus Money 23. Panama69 10 FREE SPINS
9. ladyirish $400 Bonus Money 24. patticakes68 10 FREE SPINS
10. gizmo71 $300 Bonus Money 25. rkd 10 FREE SPINS
11. reddog9775 20 FREE SPINS    
12. dfresh 20 FREE SPINS    
13. BongoMongo 20 FREE SPINS  
14. marino13 20 FREE SPINS  
15. osugat 20 FREE SPINS  

Good luck to all contenders!

Who will be crowned as the Champion?

Jaydee Cooper