The GrandPrive Group of Online Casinos (Established 2001)
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London, UK, May 02, 2013 - The Grand Privé Group of Online Casinos announced all the winners and other inside information after taking stock of their 12th Birthday celebrations in April 2013.

"Looking back on the whole month and citing all that was accomplished, how many winners we had and all the brilliant surprises we treated our players with has been a very satisfying exercise," commented Sonia Bradshaw, official spokesperson for the group as she presented feedback on various elements of the month that was.

Big Winners:
M Rosen won $6 060.00 on Max Cash Video Slot
R Gangi won $5,600.00 on Peek Physique Video Slot
Michael R won $5,194.00 on Max Cash Video Slot

A Record number of winners for April:
The total number of players who won during the month of April at The Grand Privé Group of Online Casinos came to a staggering 1101!!

Prize Money given away:
Apart from the $100 000 that was up for grabs during the Birthday month, an additional $64 987 was won by players!

Welcome gesture:
The Grand Prive Affiliates were treated to some free spins to welcome them to the festivities.

Wheel of Fortune and Gift of Fortune:
The Group decided to kick start their celebrations with the evergreen and very popular Wheel of Fortune.
Players and Grand Prive Affiliates all agreed that this was the perfect introduction as Wheel of Fortune is synonymous with Grand Prive.
As always, it proved to be a huge success. Knowing they would have to trump themselves, the design team at Grand Prive came up with another brilliant event to herald the end of their Birthday month, and called it Gift of Fortune.
Although they advertised to The Grand Prive Affiliates and Players that they were going to host Gift of Fortune on 26 April, they kept the details and particulars a secret. All that was known was that this promotion ran on the same principles as Wheel of Fortune in that every player that takes part is guaranteed to win.
Unsuspecting players, including Grand Prive Affiliates were treated to a Grand Prive Exclusive! To give you a tantalizing hint… Think Pirate Ships, a deserted island, sunken treasure and creaking chests filled with gold. Lots and lots of gold…

Comments from players and Grand Prive Affiliates:
“I’ve been a Grand Prive Affiliate for a number of years, and they’ve once again proven why they are still around after 12 years in a very competitive industry.”

"Grand Privé simply has no competition when it comes to raising the bar and offering fresh and innovative ways to entertain their players,” another Grand Prive Affiliate concluded.

The five most popular games at the Grand Prive Group of Online Casinos in April proved to be:

  1. Big Game Video Slot
  2. Bucksy Malone Video Slot
  3. Max Cash Video Slot
  4. Small Soldiers Video Slot
  5. Alpha Squad Origins Captain Shockwave Video Slot

Adventure, excitement and exhilarating fun are key elements when you truly want to entertain and thrill your players,” Sonia Bradshaw, spokesperson for the Grand Privé Group reiterated. “We have the best design team in the industry and they’ve once again established that they have the unique ability to think outside the box. Players can pick and choose in the online environment, and therefore they are discerning. Our numbers verify that our exciting promotions, unique events together with personalized customer service and trustworthy conduct, make us the crème de la crème.” Bradshaw added: “This adventurous, fun and incredibly exciting promotions is a Casino first and EXCLUSIVE to The Grand Privé Group of Online Casinos. The best part is: Players are guaranteed to win.”

The Grand Privé Group of casinos was established in 2001 and is a recognized pioneer in the online gambling industry. The group embraces a philosophy based on providing excellent customer service, innovative gaming and a secure environment. Grand Privé Casinos encompass five online casinos – each with a unique personality and loyal player base. These include its flagship – Casino GrandBay, as well as Bella Vegas, Jupiter Club, RoadHouse Reels and Lake Palace.

Jaydee Cooper for EyeOnlineEntertainment
London, 2013

Sonia Bradshaw