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The GrandPrive Casinos turn 14 in April 2015!

London, UK, March 30th, 2015 – The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos is turning 14 in April 2015 – an amazing accomplishment in this industry!
For 14 years, The GrandPrive Group of Online Casinos has made entertainment memorable.
Now the 5 Flagship Casinos are even better, and YOU are invited to our FABULOUS 14TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!”

Sonia Bradshaw, spokesperson for the group, extended this invitation at a red carpet event as The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos introduced their 14th Birthday Celebrations that officially kick off on 1 April with Wheel of Fortune, and the onset of the Fabulous 14 Leaderboard Competition.

“There are many great things happening, and one of them is the fact that each Player at The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos will receive their own personalised website, tailor made for their personal enjoyment. Another impressive perk Players can look forward to is the fact that the Top14 Players in each round will all win Cash – and this has never been done before.”

Bradshaw advised Players to visit their personal websites to get all the details, “and there are many” she reiterated.

Here is a bit of a trip down the 14 year Memory lane for those that are interested:

14 Biggest Jackpot Winners:
1. JoeRT    $211,956.00 Cash Flow
2. SSM632 $181,503.98 Rocket Jacks Poker
3. CherylH $180,578.02 Dream Wheel
4. Moomah $154,352.77 Legends of Avalon
5. SoGo69 $134,111.98 Cash Flow
6. StubenD $134,231.02 Molten Moolah
7. Smckenn $126,301.30 Cash Flow
8. Y Streahle   $122,946.70 Legends of Avalon
9. Mary2013 $122,776.67  Molten Moolah
10. 1964GT $121,355.05 Legends of Avalon
11. RichBitch $118,774.13  Dream Wheel
12. LOLatU $110, 002.00 Molten Moolah  
13. PeterPK $102,211.09 Dream Wheel
14. DorothyB $101,933.01 Molten Moolah

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14 Most Popular Promotions
  1. Cash Flash
  2. Christmas in July
  3. Cupid’s Chest
  4. Deck the Halls
  5. Dollar a Dozen
  6. Grand Games
  7. Knight of the Round Table
  8. Million Dollar Party
  9. PitBoss
  10. Summer Festival
  11. Supernova
  12. The Prestige
  13. Triple Crown Challenge
  14. World Series of Slots

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14 Most Popular Games:
  1. Age of Spartans
  2. Big Game
  3. Bucksy Malone
  4. Captain Shockwave
  5. Dollars Down Under
  6. Legends of Avalon
  7. Lucky Leprechauns
  8. Rise of Spartans
  9. Small Soldiers
  10. Sweet Success
  11. Tails of New York
  12. The Last Pharaoh
  13. Trick or Treat
  14. Wild Wizards

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14 “Firsts”
  1. 1st Casino Group to launch i3D Video Slots
  2. 1st Time a Casino receives a total of 24 1st positions for excellence. Congrats Bella Vegas!
  3. 1st Casino Group to have 50+ HD Games available on Mobile
  4. 1st Place for Customer Support Service, 2014
  5. 1st to offer Buy Bulk & Save Offers
  6. 1st Million Dollar Online Promotion
  7. 1st Quarterly Newspaper, GrandTimes, published in 2013
  8. 1st Online Casino Group to offer double direction pay lines on slots
  9. 1st to offer monthly cruises with Coco
  10. 1st falling symbols feature in video slots, 2015
  11. 1st to bring you the Wild Joker Specials
  12. 1st to give you Gift of Fortune and Tree of Fortune
  13. 1st Casino Group to have Pizza delivered to a Player’s home when they’re ill
  14. 1st Casino Group to offer you single sign-on across all brands

14 Funny, Sad & Unforgettable Memories
  1. We remember with amusement when Coco got stuck in a blizzard for 3 weeks when she travelled to the North Pole to find Santa…
  2. We remember with mirth when k77kirby won $7,245.31 and said she was going on a cruise to the Bahamas to buy herself a man…
  3. We remember with admiration when JoBlu, winner of $68,798.03, paid his Mom’s rent for an entire year to say thanks for all she’d done for him…
  4. We remember with astonishment when RickWW45 won big three days in a row – on the same game…
  5. We remember with humor when PixiPat was so happy to win $1,000.00 with her $20 deposit, only to be told by our Customer Support that she’d missed a “0” – she’d actually won $10,000.00…
  6. We respectfully remember the anniversary of one of our loyal Players, LG, who sadly passed away in 2014…
  7. We fondly remember the crazy & very original selfies our Players posted in the “Dress like a Pirate” facebook competition…
  8. We remember Smckenn with marvel because he won $126,301.30 literally a few weeks after registering an account with Jupiter Club for the 1st time…
  9. We respectfully remember Reeva Steenkamp who was one of the models for our Power of Ten Promotion…
  10. We remember with pride when we launched the World’s 1st i3D video slots…
  11. We remember with amazement when FYt876 acted on the horoscopes in our GrandTimes Newspaper, and won $87,999.01…
  12. We remember with a shudder when we launched our ReelXtreme video slot and the base jumper hired for this occasion pretended his shute won’t open…
  13. We remember with satisfaction that we’ve paid out more than $98 Million to winners in 14 years…
  14. We gratefully remember you as a loyal Player, and therefore we’d like you to give you $20 Free Bonus Money on the code: THANKS14

"The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting." – WALT DISNEY

Winning TIP: Max Bet covers all options!!!!

Jaydee Cooper