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Are you ready for the TREASURE HUNT & WHEEL OF FORTUNE?

Hi <%Firstname%>,

Hitting the Jackpot is a combination of luck, smart choice and being in the right place at the right time.

Do you realise that YOU are LUCKY? Because the smart choice would be to stick to GRAND PRIVE CASINOS this October because you WILL NOT be getting anything better anywhere else.

That will put YOU in the right place at the right time to win that JACKPOT!

Read all about our Treasure Hunt (there's a lot of money and free spins in it for you!); find out how to get your invite to play WHEEL OF FORTUNE and make sure you're here when we have our 777 Competition because trust me, it's going to be 'Vegas on steroids!

Thank you for playing at Grand Prive Casinos. We value your patronage.

In this Edition
1. 5x 100% MATCHES!
3. Lucky Draw: Win stunning Prizes
4. Wheel of Fortune
5. More winning for YOU
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Collect your 5 x 100% Matches from 10 October
Tomorrow (10 October) you will receive your TREASURE MAP to win LOTS OF MONEY.

Join the 5 x 100% Bonus Journey & Discover a Five Star Experience.

Take a voyage with Grand Prive, and discover the riches at Casino GrandBay, make winning beautiful at Bella Vegas, play all night long at Jupiter Club, get rich with adventure at Lake Palace and supersize your gaming at Roadhouse Reels! This is going to be a VERY exciting 5 days and if you miss out, you'll be blaming yourself for a long time...

C;mon. You deserve to have some fun AND adventure whilst you're playing! (And you deserve the freebies that comes along with it...)
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100 Free Spins
When you follow the clues on your Treasure Map, you'll discover that there's 100 FREE SPINS tucked in there that will help you accelerate your journey to the next pit stop...

Want to know more? Make sure you read your Treasure Mail tomorrow...

Lucky Draw

Your Treasure Map also holds the key to our Grand Lucky Draw!

If you claim all 5 offers over the five day excursion, your name will be entered into a lucky draw for the following EXTRA Prizes:
Lucky Draw Prizes
1st: iPAD 6th: $350 Bonus Money
2nd: iPOD 7th: $300 Bonus Money
3rd: $500 Bonus Money 8th: $250 Bonus Money
4th: $450 Bonus Money 9th: $200 Bonus Money
5th: $400 Bonus Money 10th: $150 Bonus Money
You see... You get rewarded JUST for doing what you LOVE: Playing!
Wheel Of Fortune

If you completed all 5 clue stops on your Treasure Map you will get your GUARANTEED invitation to play Wheel of Fortune on 24 October! Every participant WILL win FREE MONEY on Wheel of Fortune – that is GUARANTEED.
Plus: More Winning For You

October has back to back winning chances. Stay with us – you won't be disappointed!
· 17 – 21 October: Sizzling Hot Alaska Day

· 24 – 31 October: 777 LEADERBOARD with WHEEL OF FORTUNE!

Celebrate Gaming! Celebrate guaranteed Winning! Celebrate the 777 JACKPOT with us!

Join us in a spectacular 7 DAY celebration of all aspects of gambling, starting off with our famous WHEEL OF FORTUNE where every player is guaranteed to win at least $20 Bonus Money! YES! All players WILL win free money. 100% GUARANTEED.

Do you want to qualify? You only need to deposit at least $77 during the month of October and you WILL receive your invitation to win GUARANTEED money on WHEEL OF FORTUNE in our 777 LEADERBOARD over 7 days. Every day, all day you'll be part of the glitz and glamour that is synonymous with 'VEGAS!

7 000 CASH
· 31 October - 04 November: Halloween

Join us for a thrilling event that will leave you speechless, breathless and wanting more of the same! COME AND WIN WITH GRAND PRIVE DURING HALLOWEEN!
There is NO NEED to go anywhere else this October! We have got so many specials, offers and freebies in line for you that you won't get anywhere else, so stay where you are and WIN ON THIS SIDE! REMEMBER: It's all about being in the right place at the right time... STAY, PLAY AND WIN WITH US!
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Mobile Casino now playing!
If you haven't tried it, you're missing out…

If you haven't tried it, you're missing out… Our Mobile Casino guarantees that every gaming enthusiast now have playtime anywhere, anytime using the latest technology. There are more than 50 games to choose from and with spectacular high definition graphics and crystal clear sound effects, it's an absolute joy!

How do I play on my mobile?
· Players are able to access the Casino through their mobile web browser without even having to download it.
· Simply type in or on your Mobile, and you will go directly to the Mobile Casino!
· HOT TIP: Add the Mobile Site App to your home screen and you'll have quick, easy access anywhere, anytime.
· This App is 100% user-friendly, detects automatically which phone or tablet/device you are using.
· Players are able to select a game, study the game's pay table, choose coin size, select nr of lines you want to play, in fact, exactly the same as you would do when you're playing on your computer.
· The games have been designed to fill the device's screen so as it to make them more visually appealing and easy to play.

Don't hesitate to try new things! It's simple, and we'll give you this offer just to try it out!

Get a 100% match up to $200 on your first deposit. Code: MOBILE100

Terms: Offer only valid for players using their mobile or tablet. Standard GrandPrivé Terms and Conditions apply.
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Did you know?
Research has proven that the odds are more in your favour if you stay loyal to one Casino. You know that Grand Prive has your back... there's no need to go elsewhere. Make sure you put all your eggs in this one basket and walk away with the Jackpot. You deserve it!

Your new special weekly offers consist of two great specials that you can claim on the designated day of the week, as per your weekly mail offer schedule.

These offers were specifically designed to give you a winning edge. When you use them, you are GUARANTEED extra bonus money to play with or extra bonus spins, etc. They are the BEST way for you to get the MOST out of your gaming experience. You've got nothing to lose by using them – you can only gain.

Have fun and relax in the company of The Grand Prive Group of Online Casinos.
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Happy gaming

Sonia Bradshaw
The Grand Privé Team

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