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24 January 2013 GrandPrive News
Hi <%Firstname%> ,

Today you receive the very first edition of our brand new GP NEWS. You will receive all the latest information, updates, bulletins and even gossip on a bi-monthly basis.

The GP NEWS will give you:
  • Easy access to information that's relevant to you;
  • Up-to-date information on specials, new promotions and campaigns. We will also keep you informed of coming attractions;
  • The opportunity to air your views. Every two weeks we will publish a winning letter from one of our players;
  • An occasional surprize will be tucked away somewhere in the content. Discover it and you will win "something"…
In this Edition
1. Deck The Halls - We gave away $55 000!
2. Win a Trip to 'Vegas
5. New Mobile Casino
3. Depositing Tips
4. $450,000.00 Progressive Jackpot Total
6. Hot Games with $250 000: About to pop!
7. Give us your opinion and win
8. $41 250.00 paid out in winnings this month
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Grand Promotions

Deck The Halls - We gave away $55 000!

Today we bid farewell to Deck the Halls as the final round comes to an end. The winner of the $10 000 CASH and the TOP TEN will be announced on Facebook Page. Thank you to everybody who took part. We hope you had a grand time.

Deck The Halls Website

Grand News
Win a Trip to Las Vegas with our Grand Lotto

Our next promotion is a NEVER-DONE-BEFORE EVENT that guarantees a whole new way of winning not only money, but also a trip to the entertainment capital of the world: LAS VEGAS! It's great, it's glorious – and it's called the GRAND LOTTO!

A couple of "WOW" factors were included especially to make sure that NOBODY WILL LOSE. And that's guaranteed.

Players will receive two Lotto Tickets from GrandPrivé Casinos. To increase your chances of winning, we've narrowed the number pool to only include numbers between 0-20, you get some free money to get you going and a couple of other surprises are included as well. You'll just have to wait till next time for more details…

The promotion starts on 4 February, so keep an eye on the post for your Lotto Tickets.

If you want to ensure that you receive your tickets in the mail, please double check that we've got your correct postal address by contacting our Customer Support Team or sending an email to

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Featured Casino
Casino GrandBay - Play now on your Mobile or Tablet with $200 free

Get a 100% match up to $200 on your first deposit. Use this code to claim: MOBILE100

Terms: Offer only valid for players using their mobile or tablet.
Standard GrandPrivé Terms and Conditions apply.

See the Casino GrandBay Website

Grand Tips
Depositing Tips

We apologize if you experience depositing issues.

Please follow these steps to ensure that you have successful deposits at the casino:

  1. Please remember to space your attempted deposits at least 15 minutes apart.
  2. Please attempt the card for a minimum of five times.
  3. Vary the amounts that you deposit, and rather deposit odd amounts like $83 or $51.
  4. Rather deposit a larger amount less often. It increases your game time and reduces unnecessary rejections.
  5. Consider using an alternate or NEW Visa / Visa Prepaid Card.
  6. Please contact us on our live chat service if you need ANY assistance with regards to your account at the casino!
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Grand Deal
$450 000 just waiting to be Won - Don't let someone else take it…

Our PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS are standing at more than $450 000 at the moment! This means they've got to go! Don't miss out – play on one of our progressive jackpot slots RIGHT NOW and WIN THE MONEY! Quickly, before someone else snaps it up!

GrandPrive Website

Grand Games
Dream Wheel Video Slot - $125 000 plus can be Won today!

Yachts, fast cars and gold bars. It's got it all, and it could be yours too if you hit the jackpot on the Dream Wheel. WIN PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT! 15 COINS, 1 LINE, WILD, FEATURE GAME.

See all our Progressive Games

Legends of Avalon Progressive Jackpot - $125 000 plus up for grabs right now!

This richly themed and atmospheric video slot will have you revelling in the age of chivalry and delving into a world of wisdom and magic. Join the legendary King Arthur on his epic quests and get your share of this progressive jackpot. This 30 line video slot has it all… and more. Featuring a wild, this game offers up to 15 free spins and a 4 x multiplier.

See the Legends of Avalon Video

Grand Opinion
Give us Feedback

Write to us at and voice your opinion. If your mail contains constructive feedback, good suggestions or even just a worthy comment and gets chosen to be published in GP NEWS, we will credit your account with 20 FREE SPINS.

Email Addrienne

Grand Wins
$41 250.00 paid out to these winners:
  • Chris M won $10 250

  • Deck the Halls Winners:

    • Round 1:Butterfingers: $2 500 Cash
    • Round 2: Dazs: $2 500 Cash
    • Round 3: Lynda GT: $2 500 Cash
    • Round 4: Ronaldus298: $2 500 Cash

    • Final Round TOP TEN Winners:

      1. ky won $10 000 CASH
      2. Ronaldus298: $3 000 Cash
      3. Dazs: $1 000 Cash
      4. katoon: $1 750 Bonus Money
      5. earthwalk: $1 500 Bonus Money
      6. patticakes68: $1 250 Bonus Money
      7. profh: $1 000 Bonus Money
      8. cmathews: $750 Bonus Money
      9. lissa123: $500 Bonus Money
      10. Butterfingers: $250 Bonus Money
GrandPrive Website

Happy gaming

Sonia Bradshaw
The Grand Privé Team

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