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19 June 2013   GrandPrive News
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We are proud to bring you the winners of our Fast & Furious Father's Day Leaderboard Competition in this edition.

Plus, as you know by now, the fun never stops at Grand Prive Casinos and in celebration of glorious summer, we bring you a fun Catch-the-Code promotion where the focus is on more give, less take (in your favor of course…)

Live the good life and love Grand Privé. It's the easiest thing to do!

In this Edition
1. Fast & Furious Leaderboard Winners
2. Catch-the-Code Promotion
3. The last winning entry from our Fairy Tale Competition
4. Brand New Game
5. 5 Star Casino Checklist
6. Mobile Madness!
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Fast and Furious Leaderboard Competition
This fast and furious one round Leaderboard competition had 50 winners, $20 500 in prizes and 750 free spins!

Congratulations to the following TOP 10 Winners:
1. Dazs: $5000 Cash 6. nino2010: $1500 bonus money
2. earthwalk: $3750 bonus money 7. profh: $1000 bonus money
3. Aquitania: $3000 bonus money 8. TBerg: $ 800 bonus money
4. Maurice: $2750 bonus money 9. soapyguy: $ 500 bonus money
5. Ronaldus298: $2000 bonus money 10. rkd: $ 250 bonus money

Further congratulations to the Top 50 who all got 15 Free Spins! We hope you had a lot of fun!
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Catch the code promotion

Summer has arrived and we've got a sizzling celebration for you – with a bit of a twist…

You get a match bonus package with complimentary free spins – PLUS: If you can unravel the code from the game symbol-clues below, you will win 25 additional FREE SPINS!

It's going to be fun!

Please note that you have to claim the match bonus offer to take part in the Catch-the-Code Competition.

Deposit $30 and get an 80% match up to $500. Code: GPCATCH80
Then get 15 Free Spins on Fistful of Dollars. Code: GPFISTFUL

Now fill in the gaps on this code with the first letter of each game represented by the clue symbols below to get your additional 25 FREE SPINS on Fistful of Dollars. Code: GPI _ _ E _ _25FS

PS: Simply fill in the gaps on the code with the first letter of each game represented by the clue symbols in the order of their appearance…

Terms: Offer only valid once per player. The match bonus must be claimed prior to taking part and claiming the Catch-the-Code Free Spins. Offer valid from 19 June till 30 June 2013. Standard terms and conditions apply.

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Winning fairy tale

Michael Garcia sent in a very original Fairy Tale, using our own games and game characters. He won 50 Free Spins for this effort.

Thieves Among Us

Once upon a time, in a world known as Grand Prive, a great misdeed took place. Captain Shockwave and his dog Sonar received word that someone had stolen the robots from Arcadia, a video slot in the casino known as Jupiter Club. Within this casino there are many video slots where creatures, people and places come to life and live.

The captain had his work cut out for him. There were too many possibilities. Who was this thief? Bugsy Malone? A wanted man from Fistful of Dollars? "No, they didn't have any need for robots. Sonar said, "Maybe the General from Small Soldiers needed a bigger army." No said Shockwave, they would be no use if they had to hide them." We need to get to Alpha Squad and enlist the other super heroes for help." Off they flew. Within the hour they reached Alpha Squad's headquarters, and all the superheroes agreed that they had to do something.

They made a list of every video slot in Jupiter, and all that dwelled in the slots. As they were narrowing down the suspects, the Lucky Leprechaun appeared. "I need your help," he said. "All of our harps have disappeared and the rainbows have been turned grey." "You must do something!" Shockwave said, "Another slot has lost its free spins! And only a magician could take the color from a rainbow, but whom?" "That eliminates The Spartans, the Jester from the Royal Banquet, and those wild Indians from Tomahawk. This isn't Monkey Business, like we were thinking. Legends of Greece's Medusa can only turn you into stone if you look at her eyes, she's out." As the heroes were going back through their list, Max Cash came into the room. "Earlier today, I overheard the dancer from Samba Spins complaining to a Wild Wizard that she wasn't as popular as Arcadia.

The Wizard smiled at her and told her not to worry, all would be right soon." How was a group of super heroes supposed to stop magical powers? They didn't know, but without a plan went in search of The Wizard. Sonar had to make a detour first; he needed to go see Tech Support, the rulers of Jupiter Club.

Meanwhile, the super heroes could not stop the Wizard and were captured by one of his spells. Just as he was about to cast another and make them all disappear forever, Sonar found them and yelled "STOP!" I have just spoke to Tech Support, and I am here to warn you, unless you put everything back where it belongs and promise to use only use magic to make all slots lucky, Tech Support will delete you and your slot forever.

No match for Tech Support, the Wizard had to obey. Sonar saved the day and Jupiter Club lived happily ever after. The End

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New Game
Cash Flow – Video Slot

Welcome to 'Cash Flow'! The volcano jackpot is ready to blow! This game takes the popular classic slot to the next level. May the Cash Flow in your direction!

Set on a volcanic island, this video slot is colourful, loud and exciting. Based on the classic slot 'Cash Flow', this video slot extends the existing volcanic theme, but has animated symbols, free spins, big wins and the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is shared with the Cash Flow classic slot so the prize pot is fed from 2 sources! With animated symbols, Free Spins and a Progressive Jackpot, this game will get your juices flowing!

Big Wins and the Progressive Jackpot make this game a winner!
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Happy gaming

Sonia Bradshaw
The Grand Privé Team

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